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Creation no. 1

Philippe Bootz et Marcel Frémiot, La Série des U.
Philippe Bootz
Traduction de Agathe Raymond-Carlo
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Création n° 1

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1La Série des U* is a syntactic animation of texts combined with a combinatorial musical generator. The sentence transforms itself in the course of time: the animation even produces linguistic morphing that is to say continuous transformations between one structure and another. Besides, as the animation’s pace depends on the executing machine (unlike sound’s rhythm), the relation between sound and image remains coherent thanks to those two generators combined: they need each other’s authorization to run a sequence. Sound sequences thus always start on visual highlights (unless it was deliberately decided otherwise: any rule has to be confirmed by its exception), regardless of the machine used and the sound generated. In other words, the program adapts silences and duration of static visual states so that sound and image remain coherent. A specific generator results from that: in the poem with sound that is produced, music and image always seem synchronized but from one execution to another, musical highlights emphasize on different parts of the animation’s text and image. Reading variations ensue, producing a result that is consistent and changing at the same time, just like a sunset observed from the same place every night: both perennial and ephemeral.


2* Note: the plug-in Adobe Shockwave Player is required to view the animation online.

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Philippe Bootz, « Creation no. 1 », Hybrid [En ligne], 01 | 2014, mis en ligne le 11 septembre 2014, consulté le 01 avril 2023. URL :

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Philippe Bootz

Philippe Bootz is associate professor at Paris 8 University. Doctor of Physics and doctor of Information and Communication Science, he codirects the team “Écritures et Hypermédiations Numériques” in the laboratory Paragraphe and directs the European Network of Digital Literature DDDL (Digital Digital Digital Literature). Philippe Bootz also works internationally as codirector of the book series “Computing Literature” published by West Virginia University Press. As an author, he published in 2007 Les Basiques: la littérature numérique (Leonardo Olats, “Les basiques” [online] [accessed September 10th 2013]), among other works.

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